As an enthusiast of Magic: The Gathering, I find that purchasing cards can be a hassle at times. I always would like to buy product from my local card stores; however, it is difficult for them to maintain an accurate card stock, as cards are coming and going at a constant rate.
In attempts to promote keeping a constant database, I have enquired as to why they do not keep an online store that can be used to purchase product and keep their inventories accurate.
After some consideration, a few of the local stores decided to do some research into the cost of creating and maintaining an online database that already had a full list of all Magic: The Gathering cards in existence.
After their inquiries, I received reports from one of the local stores, ThetaTech. Robert Koon, owner of ThetaTech, told me that he found that only one company, Crystal Commerce, was the sole company that currently supplied any such database.
Another company, StarCityGames, has a different database; however, it is a private database. This company required a fairly steep upfront cost and an upkeep cost of a percentage of all sales. He explained that it would realistically take upwards of two years to recover the initial cost based on his average of sales.
After this discussion, I asked him if another system were available at a more realistic price, would he consider buying it. He immediately said he would, as he doesn’t like the interface of the system that Crystal Commerce and it would be nice to have a more basic database, similar to StarCityGames.

Ultimately, I decided that because there is a want by companies to have a more simplistic system that could be used as either a basic database or a online sales system, I would design a Magic: The Gathering card database that could take advantage of MySQL and pHp web coding to create a simple, yet efficient inventory system for these companies to use.
For the purpose of this project, I decided to only place a few of the sets from the beginning of Magic into the database; as to save time and allow the focus to be the execution of the features.
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