CS 350 Numerical Methods, Spring'18

  • Syllabus 
  • Course Policies
  • Classroom practice (click here)
  • Assignments Requirements - Type BOTH of questions and answers (that should be highlighted) to the document in a fine format (handwriting is NOT accepted); for the programming assignments, appropriate comments and format for the code with functional modules. BOTH of the programs and the I/O screen-shot examples are copied to ONE document (including all sub-questions and projects). The document should be named as CS350assignment#_FirstNameLastName.doc. Email the document as an attachment to the instructor (usvwccs@gmail.com). The email subject is the same as the file name. 
    • Assignment 1 

    * The email (usvwccs@gmail.com) is just for collecting the assignments/tests; for the purpose of communications, please use the VWC email (zwang@vwu.edu)

  • Topics covered
    • 1/29: Syllabus, and class policy
    • 1/31: 



  • Monte Carlo Integration (click here)

  • Classroom practice in past years
    • Spring'16 (click here)
    • Spring'14 (click here)
    • Spring'12 (click here)


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